About Case Therapeutic Massage

Case Therapeutic Massage is owned and operated by Dan Case in Knoxville Tennessee.

  • Completed an extensive, in-depth training program at the Center for Rehabilitative Education in Knoxville Tennessee.
  • Licensed through the State of Tennessee Department of Health.
  • MIST Certified through the Center Of Rehabilitative Education.
  • Ongoing study regimen to supplement current training & education.

License # 4912


Amanda Powell L.M.T. R.C.R.

Amanda is a Licensed Massage Therapist and a Registered Certified Reflexologist in the State of Tennessee. She has been practicing professionally in Knoxville since 2009.

Amanda is certified in the Eunice Ingham Reflexology method and has studied the International Method. Reflexology is acupressure focused on the feet.

Through the 7500 nerve endings on the bottom of our feet, Reflexology can bring balance to the body. Reflexology also increases circulation and a sense of relaxation.

865-257-1298 (Cell)

Services & Prices

Rev. Jacqueline (Jackie) Cahelo is an ordained non-denominational / interfaith minister with a B.A. in Psychology and a B. Div. with emphasis on metaphysical healing and counseling.

She is a Usui / Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master and practitioner and has been the facilitator of The Knoxville Reiki Exchange for 10+ years.

She has served on the staff of 3 separate counseling agencies providing in person and telephone crisis counseling in both Florida and Tennessee.

In 2015 she received her certification as Certified Angelic Medium / Angel Card Reader.  Jackie is offering private sessions with a variety of services including:

Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Session   ( approx. 75-90 minutes) $75
3 session special of above  ( must be completed within 90 days) $195
Chakra Clearing/Balancing ( approx. 30 min) $25
Angel Card readings  ( approx. 30 min) $30
Guidance sessions ( approx. 50 minutes) $50
Relaxation session  ( approx. 30 min) $25
Other Services ( i.e. Spiritual mentoring, Weddings, Rites of Passage, etc)  Please contact Jackie for pricing

Rev. Jackie also provides classes and workshops on a number of different metaphysical/spiritual topics, as well as officiating weddings and other rites of passage.

Please contact her at (865) 333-8236  or email her at spiritessence1@yahoo.com

Maureen “Mo” Aruta is a Tibetan Energy Healer and Usui / Holy Fire Karuna ® Reiki Master Teacher. Before attaining her Reiki certifications and attunements in 2014 and 2015 she studied with a Sufi Master in Atlanta for 6 years (2001-2006). She has practiced professionally in Knoxville since 2009.

Mo specializes in Chakra Balancing / Clearing with an emphasis on grounding (connecting with Earth Energy) and deep emotional release. Her work has assisted clients in moving forward from life changes such as divorce, moves, job changes and the loss of loved ones. This type of energetic / emotional healing can also impact physical health and well being in a beneficial way.

Mo offers private session work, Reiki classes/attunements, instruction in the movements of Falun Gong and educational workshops about the 7 Major Chakras. To schedule an appointment or get more information please email (modough1@aol.com) or call (904) 228-3441.

Mo is located in St. Augustine Florida and continues her practice here in Tennessee as well.